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This was so beautiful! I think this really speaks to a lot of people and I'm glad I got to experience it! Great job!

Thank you so much for playing our game! I enjoyed watching your Let's Play ^^

This was cute! I like the set-up of just showing a few brief meetings between strangers with really different perspectives on life. And the little bit of voice acting was good too!

Thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed it~ Yeah, I just wanted sweet, brief meetings to tell a short but inspiring story ^^

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Alright! So I DL'd it already, and am playing it tomorrow when I wake up! ^_^ :) I'll leave a feedback once I'm done!

I really love the artworks and the story seems sweet!! <3

Awww, thank you! I'll let Lienai know you love her artwork ^^

Looking forward to your morning feedback good sir~

I just finished playing it!! ^_^ <3 And it was one of the most beautiful and touching games I've ever played! :o

I don't wish to spoil too much, but I must really say, that Van's predicament was really well presented and it allowed me as a player to fully empathize with her sadness and loneliness, and it was the same when Van found someone who can be a friend to her and share with her some joy, fun and comfort. ^_^

I don't wanna be redundant, but again, I really love the artworks and CGI made for the game <3 ^_^ The VA's as well are just as good in delivering the right emotion every time! :D 

Overall, this was a very sweet short experience that left something emotionally memorable for me to ponder on. So great job on that, Tofu Sheets Visual! <3 :D I really loved it!

Very pleased you enjoyed it!! I am happy you could feel the emotion and the hope ^^

Of course!! ^_^ :D Great job with 'em indeed! :D