Finished in the nick of time!

I did something a bit insane.

Last minute entry!

So I had a concept in mind at the beginning of the jam but wasn't feeling the muse to write it. I woke up in the middle of the night and started working on this piece. It's 950 words in total (yes that is counting the words inside the choice boxes) with 76 voiced lines. As required by the jam, I was sure to only have; one voice actor (me), one background, one sound effect, one music track, within 1000 words. 

Honestly, I am surprised I put this together under such short notice lol. It's a very experimental piece. I wouldn't call it quite horror, but perhaps due to its eerie nature and vague endings it could fall under such, I'm just not sure it's scary enough. I'd say it's more of an uneasy experience. 

It was fun voice acting this. The woman on the phone is a mysterious character with unknown intentions. To really get a true phone call feel, I purposely did not use my recording mic. I actually used my headset and used a phone filter to make it sound like a real phone call, since phones do not have the best mics or speakers. If my lines puffed, I kept it that way. It made the call feel real authentic, I think, since you don't have puffless audio in phone calls. 

I did my best to make sure everything is level, but it may not be 100% perfect. Let me know if you catch any errors, but most of all, enjoy! ^^

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May 16, 2020
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May 16, 2020

Get one. digit. off


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Awesome.  Misty, then spooky music in the background.  The slight irritation/madness in her voice when you ask/say something she doesn't like.
OOh shivers down the spine stuff.

Really well done.

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it and I was able to invoke the shivers~