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I remember playing this before I graduate from high school 2 years ago. It was a good game, I like the plot, the bgm, especially the puzzles too.

Lovely game and really great voice acting too! Really liked the use of classical music as a motif and the plot always kept me invested.


I remember there being a lot of references to Ed seeming like a "child in a 20 year old's body", is that a reference to the original plot mentioned in the Author's Notes? :o

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Thank you for playing, we are so thrilled you enjoyed it!

As to answer your spoiler-y question (scroll down).....

Yes and no. I actually gave El the pitch for the darker version before we even began writing. That reference is more like to allude to the fact that Ed died as a child, though it can also be seen as by the characters he just remained immature haha, hence why no alarm bells went off for Shelly.


What a journey! The story was simple but really beautiful and the VAs absolutely nailed the final scenes! It introduces itself with a really soft lighthearted and loving tone that's just eased in so smoothly, making the ending all the more impactful. Piece by Piece kept me engaged throughout, there's always just the right amount of info to get you to infer well, but not enough for you to predict outcomes. 

Now that I think back, alot of the things were well foreshadowed, but the sweet tone pulls you away from it.

Bottom line, I really freaking enjoyed this.


Well, another day, another fantastic VN from TSV and El.Seth! This one has a real slow burn to it, softening you up with fun and lovable characters until you kinda forget that you're playing a Spooktober game!

There are only really 3 characters to focus on in this tale, Shelly and the twins Rafael and Edward. Childhood friends who are due for a reunion! But something seems off, there's something strange in the air between the twins but what could it be?

All Shelly wants to do is have fun with her friends and act like a kid again, and she's determined to get these two bros back on good terms so it can be so! But can she do that? Is it worth the effort?

Boy, I ask a lot of questions don't I? Alright, I'll cut to the chase. This is a really well put together VN with some stupendous acting from all of the VAs and a wonderful build-up to the climax. The story rolls along really well, and the pay-off is totally worth it! I only played through to one of the endings (for specific reasons), but maybe I'll go back and get the other one someday. The one I got just stuck with me, I didn't want to think that there was another one!

So yeah, if you like VNs and creepy stories, get this played! Great stuff =)


It's a good game overall, not too long but not too short. The music was great and fit the tone very well. The voice acting was good as well, especially Edward's lines in the endings. The art was decent, but I felt like the photo backgrounds didn't really match with the anime style sprites and CGs. 

I had no idea how to do the puzzle but somehow I managed to do it through random speculation, and I'm glad because I really liked the ending it unlocked. Both of the endings were pretty interesting and I was invested in this visual novel! It was a lot of fun, so thank you for making it!

Also I was wondering, when will the Extras menu be added?


Thank you for your comment! We are pleased you enjoyed the game overall!

The extras menu is planned to be added post-jam, so most likely sometime in early November. 


I'll look forward to it!

Hello, I know it's been over a year, but the extras section has now been added + additional voice acting for minor and extra characters!