Day 9 Overdrive - Poem in Noah's POV + OP in progress

So it is Day 9 of NaNoRenO's extended deadline. 

You know what it is also Day 9 of? NaPoWriMo. It's where you write a poem a day, and if you're wondering why the heck I am mentioning a poetry jam that has nothing to do with making games---the poem I wrote for today is about Noah! Or rather, about Annelise (er Lady Valance), written in Noah's perspective. I kinda didn't know what to write this morning, and then I thought instead of writing about something I like or personal inner feelings, let's do something story based and write something in the perspective of one of my characters! So I chose Noah, because he seems like a guy that'd have a lot of fancy, pretty, passionate words to convey haha. And I thought, before I discuss my progress with the OP sequence, to share it with you guys since it's related to the game! Please enjoy~

"At Your Service"

For you, I'll exhaust all the energy in my body
For you, I'll cross the dimensions
For you, I'll adapt to all this limitation
To be by your side, always beside

Your will is my pleasure to carry out
Your life I'll protect above even myself
In your service is my fondest delight
Your smile I'll protect with my very life

This blade, as it glistens under the moon
Stained crimson, the remains of those that would hurt you
My lady, my precious treasure I've been entrusted to bear
It's you, only you, wrapped in all of my care

"I am at your service, mi'lady
What would you have me do?"


Now let's talk about the opening sequence! First off, I sent my sub timing to komehara (our translator for the opening song we're using), as well as to look over the ED credits to see if the translation on that needs to be fixed. I got an a-OK with the subbing, aside from a small adjustment recommended (which I'll do), and so far it sounds like the ED is OK too, but will be checked over one more time, and we're getting one finalized translation of the song, so we're really wrapping things up here!

Yesterday I was quite stumped with the OP after I added the subs (I have them muted for now, they're just there when I need them). But today I actually got some progress! Now how I work with any kind of PV is I work at the part of the song I have an idea for. So if I have a concept, I work on it immediately. Usually I work on the part where you show the names and character sprites first, but not in this case--I am actually working on the more complex parts as I am still figuring out where I want to show characters and what backgrounds I'll have behind them, etc. It's a lot of fun but tedious. This song is a little fast and the concept I have shows a lot of the action-y concept of the game as opposed to its comedic aspect lol (and as the game goes further along, it ended up more serious and kinda darker than I initially imagined a game of this title to be, but don't worry there's still lots of humor, it is me writing this after all). Anyway, here is a screencap of my work in the video editing software--

Why do openings take so long to make? Keyframes. It's always the keyframes. Gotta get all the pans, zooms, lighting, coloring, etc etc. just right.

Aaaand that's all the updates for today! Please look forward to the full release, we're so close!!

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