Day 12 overdrive - Wrapping Up!

This is it. The final day of NaNoRenO+.

Just now, I completed finalizing the voice acted lines. Now I am sure it isn't perfect, since there's like 1k+ spoken lines in this game lol. But I did my best to keep everything at a consistent level. Of course, when the game is out, do point out if certain scenes could use a little bit of leveling adjustment! ^^

Now I am going to attempt to finish the OP sequence today. First off, video playback has been more than a little frustrating. For some reason, video playback corresponds with the music channel. You might wonder why that matters, but the music volume has to be turned down by about 2 and a quarter stars to hear the voice acting. But, doing so, makes the audio in the VIDEO sound like background music too. I really wish playback had its own separate channel and just played as is, since I did set the level in the video to be the proper level, but oh well. How I got around this is I made a silent video and in the custom ambient channel played the song over it. It works.... but I notice a little bit of chopping in some instances. This could be a side effect of it running through Ren'Py though and be fixed upon compiling, or even the speed of my computer. I'll have to test this, but for now this method will have to do.

Anyway, regardless if the OP is done or not, the game will be up for download tomorrow. But I will do my best to make sure the OP is ready because I LOVE visual novel openings, plus our translator worked really hard in preparing the Eng translation that will be displayed as subs, so I will do all in my power to make sure this is ready. Look forward to it!

EDIT: Just a note I edited this post as I mistakenly said 1,700 spoken lines, it's actually more like 1,100+ lol. Not sure where I got 1700 from, but yeah, still a lot of lines though xD

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