I am proud to announce that "Since When Did I have a Combat Butler?!" is now READY TO DOWNLOAD!

It was quite a brutal 6 weeks. But well worth it. The unvoiced build was completed by NaNoRenO's traditional deadline, but kept hidden. The voice acted build was completed today, for the special 2020 extension!

I did my best to test it as much as I time for, but there could still be errors. So feel free to point out any errors you may find! As well as any additional leveling that may be needed for the voice acted version--I did my best to keep everything consistent, but there may still be some ups and downs that could be smoothed over.

Only the voice acted build has the OPENING & ENDING since I was unable to make them in time for the original deadline.

Me and my team are so excited for you to play! Please enjoy~

Files (Voice Acted) 284 MB
Apr 13, 2020
SWDiHaCB_(Unvoiced) 174 MB
Apr 01, 2020

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Waaaa congrats!! Can't wait to play it!!!


Thank you!! Hope you have fun with it ^^