Guidebook underway!

Hello ComBu fans!

I have been (very slowly but surely) working on a very spoiler-filled Guidebook! It will be available as a downloadable .PDF right here on the main page, absolutely free! This ultimate postmortem will include; a cheat sheet to all the endings, character profiles, villain glossary, voice actor statements, the original outline, CG process & sketches, and so much more! I'll even go into detail about certain aspects of the writing!

I really hope you guys will enjoy this book when it's out! This was my very first game officially defeating NaNoRenO, so it's getting special treatment, and I couldn't have done it without my amazing team! I approached this year differently learning what I did wrong in previous years, and what I did right in other jams, so hopefully the guidebook is also inspiring to fellow devs who's looking to defeat a game jam too!

Get Since When Did I Have a Combat Butler?!


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Yayyy!! Can't wait!!! ^^