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I was reading the coments and i didn't see a recent one so,Can you say if this is complete version?

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Hello! The project has sadly been shelved, and this version is considered complete. I actually released 1stQ in the event I could not finish for whatever reason, so this version is complete and there will probably be no more updates. I have now edited the top description to help make that more clear!


i see,thank you,then i'm looking foward to play it.


I remember playing this one and finding amazing! Was it cancelled? I'm wondering since we haven't heard of this game in a while...


It's not working on mac anymore, the game is not opening, not even with administrator :(


You wrote "enviorment" instead of "environment"


Sorry for late response--thanks for pointing that out!


I really liked the game!

But when wiil the full version come out?

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I am pleased you enjoyed it! As for when a full version will be available, there is no definite answer at the moment due to some unforseen circumstances.


Hey, if you're gonna steal someone's art. Please credit them. 

I can tell that you stole ReWound 101's artwork.


Hello there!

Both mine and Rewound 101 are actually just using the same free to use sprites by Elzee that was released under Creative Commons license for use in free games on Lemmasoft. Because of this, you may find many games that are using the same sprites. You can find these sprites posted by the artist here;


Oh, I'm sorry about that. I guess I misunderstood. 


The game is AWESOME! But when will the full version be available? 


Hi, sorry for late response. I am unsure when we will have the full version ready. But as you wait, we do have some special surprises coming up~

Whaa, can't wait for the full game, i've played the first quarter and I'm in love, the voice actors are amazing and some of the characters really surprised me XD Much love can't wait <3

Glad you enjoyed it (apologies for super late reply). 


I finally have time to play this finally, will leave my comments when I am done XD

Hey, I rly  would like to see full pics of the game's promo poster, would you consider it as an extra bonus ?

If you mean the ones that show each individual character (as on the banner are cropped portraits of each), they will be included in the full version of the game. There is one poster per route, but one poster in particular contains a spoiler. These poster are unlocked per route. 

Just a question, when I downloaded the zip file on my mac I followed all the instructions on how to open the game, but for some reason, when I click on it, it doesn't open. Even if I control click and press "open" the game still won't open on my mac. I've also tried redownloading it but it still won't work. Please tell me what I may be doing wrong since I really want to play this game.

Hmm, unfortunately since I do not use Mac, I am really unsure of how to run a game on a Mac, 


I was surprised how good this game is. The characters are funny and the voices are a great touch. With some more polishing, this could be a gem. Good work and I await the full game.

cool cool

When will the full version be resiled cause i see these images of other plays and i can't stay much patient for any longer

It is unknown when the full release will be available, as it is a bit of a large game. 


Just finished playing your demo for the first time (chose Emmet's route) and found the game -thus far- so delightful and fun to play. I love the art and the VA, as well as the humor (loved the conversations between Tori and Sebby!).

FYI- I did come across an error while playing Emmet's route that concerns Tori and his sister, that I thought I should mention. There is a scene where Sebby and Emmet speak where the students get there mail, and after Emmet leaves the area, Tori comes with the Halloween magnets and he tells Sebby all about his sister Marie, yet Sebby had already met and spoken to Marie on two previous occasions in the game. In fact, Tori had already told Sebby all about his sister, yet in this scene Sebby and Tori bothact as if it was the first time the subject of the sister had come up. 

Anyhoo...looking forward to the full version of the game when it is available!

Hi there! Forgive me for not responding sooner. I am happy you enjoyed the game and thank you for mentioning that error, I definitely will be having a look at that~


This was so much fun to play!I LOVE HENRY! Can't wait for the full version!

Hello! I seem to be a bit confused >.>

On lemmasoft you can find this game at the 'Completed Games' section, but here it says it's still in development? I would really like to play this game but I really hate demos. Makes me feel kind of uncomplete if it makes sense? >//>

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This is what I like to call the "short version" of the game, an ACT 1 if you will. It says in-development here because yes, there will be a full version, but { First Quarter } (the current version) will forever be available even when other versions come out. Basically, there is this version (ends at all 5 route prologues, will be extended to be a little longer), then a one-route version (group route), then the full 5-route version. So yes, this counts as complete since the { First Quarter } version is a complete version, but there will be a longer version of the game later. 

I see! Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question! I will be checking the first quarter out then! :)

I enjoyed demo version a lot: interesting and fun characters and amazing voice i'm looking forward to the full version,i wish you good luck!


I'm very pleased you enjoyed it!


In all honesty, this game was a lot better than I thought it would be. I wasn't expecting the voice acting to be so well recorded with amazing voice actors that perfectly fit their roles {Especially Joseph's, oh my~}. Trina's voice is adorable and fits our heroine, Sera, so well. I cannot wait to play the full-game when it comes out and have the chance to listen to all of their wonderful voices again. Good luck on finishing this amazing work of art xx

Thank you so very much! I am extremely happy you enjoyed it, especially the voicework!

love this game so much :)  

Awww, thank you so much it means a lot ^.^


Welp! Congrats on the release!

Downloading it right away and will pop back (eventually)  with a review. ^0^)/

Definitely looking forward to your thoughts! And if you ever need a walkthrough, lemme know~


I liked this, I chose Emmet's route, which made it a bit weird since I think he's voiced by the same person as a certain... Jackass? :D He and Sera were wonderfully awkward together though, and I enjoyed it!

I was a bit disappointed the (likely also awkward) introduction into the all-boys school isn't part of what we get to see, but I suppose it's probably better to start the story where you did.

There were a few mistakes in the writing here and there (I think I spotted a dreaded "could of" instead of "could have" somewhere), but I think this is a WIP in its entirety?

One thing I noticed in particular was that there were multiple instances where a verb should have been plural but was singular (like "my arms that was rested on the table", I think was one of the sentences).

Maybe I should have made a text file to keep track of the things I found to send you later D:

All in all, it's not a big deal however, I liked the concept and execution as well as characters. I might go back and play another route at some point!

Hi! Glad you enjoyed it! Actually, the guy who voices Emmet is someone else, but Andrew's voice is admittedly quite similar to Justin's. 

Yeah, I actually had been planning for this short version (have no idea when the full version will be available, but this version gets 1 more update) to get some extension. I was going to actually have the awkward introduction and have the pseudo-ends at the end of Chapter 3 for each route rather than in the middle of it. 

Ah yes, a few typos and grammar errors still slipped by, but I intend to fix it in the update I mentioned!

I do hope if you go back that you enjoy the other routes and endings! I can also send you the walkthrough if you like~ Thank you so much for playing! We also have a 3-parter "Meet The Cast" segment on our YT channel once you're through~

Wow, shame on me! I really thought it was him, but that has sometimes happened to me in other games where I hear voice actors whose voices (I think) I recognize as well... D:

Ohh, in that case I think I might play it again after you patch it and look forward to possibly having the introduction scene?

No problem, with a work with this many words that's bound to happen! Should I keep a list of things I find if I play again? I don't know if a walkthrough is necessary unless there are some very hard to reach endings? I noticed that I didn't even get to meet the other girl character in the route I chose, so I imagine there are some larger differences depending on the choices.

I noticed your YouTube videos and intended to watch them at some point unless I forget!

No worries, that happens to me too!

A list would be super useful! It helps me pinpoint as I scour the script again. Yes, there are a few tricky endings, and you can meet the other girl character if you get on Tori's path. I do recommend getting all the pseudo-ends so you can know everyone really well, if you do your choices right you'll even have everybody interact as a group! So I 'd be more than happy to note you the walkthrough if you'd like, and you'll be able to unlock 2 fanarts and all the CGs~ And the character profiles and stuff. I hope to add more extras in the update! 

I think I'll make a list of findings when I play it again then! If there are hard to get endings you can send me a walkthrough guide. I noticed that my playthrough didn't unlock any of the fan art, so I do wonder how to get those!

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Well this is not a beta, it's the short version of the game... an ACT I if you will, but there will be a full version available in the future, and this short version will be receiving 1 more update to extend it a little.

So happy you release it! :D I had the pleasure to beta test it and it's an awesome game. hope to play the full game in the future ;)

Thanks again for playing, I hope you enjoy the full version when it is out. Plus the shrot version wil lreceive 1 more update that extends it a little~