A downloadable set of jigsaw puzzles for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Piece of Sweetness is a linear visual novel about a girl named Emily that is a tourist in an unknown town. She happens upon a little cafe called the Tea & Bakery where, over the course of five days, enjoys a variety of tea and sweets! The tea and sweets Emily enjoys plays out as a jigsaw puzzle for the player to solve before progressing in the story.


- 3,700+ words in length
- Fully voiced dialogue of the barista
- Linear story; 1 ending, some choice interaction
- 15 different jigsaw puzzles to piece together
- Relaxing selection of music (playable also in Music Room)
- View finished puzzles in the Gallery section
- Short but sweet, and free~



Install instructions

Before you start a new game, please go to "Settings" and lower the music volume. I have included a .png in the main folder called "Music Volume recommended settings" which will show you exactly what to set the music volume at. This ensure that the music will not drown out the voice acting~


APieceofSweetness-1.1-all.zip 101 MB

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