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Oh... My... Cabbage! You weren't kidding when you said this game has "brilliant mind-numbing plot twists" and I would have never guessed the plot twist to be so... Twisted! I had a blast playing this and laughed so hard at many silly scenes! Gotta love that Moses is so useless in battles and that his teammates always carry him, as well as the strong-looking weapons no one could wield, the unnecessary items I bought, and the 70,000 G I received from defeating the enemy but could never spend because the game ended aaaaaaaa...  (Also that one time I died because of a mimic made me scared to touch another fancy-looking treasure chest). Anyway, I love this game! It's so bad that it's really good! 


Really cool game, cool title, cool story and synopsis, GORGEOUS drawing


So after playing Journey of the Scroll, I found myself wandering backwards through time to play this game to see where the madness began!

I can say with no hesitation that I was not disappointed! This is a madcap, fast-paced, hilariously entertaining RPG featuring pirates... I mean, what more do you really need in a game?

Every character brings their own uniqueness (and irritating personal qualities) to the story, and you'll find yourself willing them all on (sometimes you might find yourself willing on the bad guys). The battle system is pretty robust and you can rattle through the whole game in a pretty quick time. So if you're looking for a bite-size RPG that smashes together piracy, fantasy and time travel then you've found the right spot!

Really wish I'd come across TSV's games earlier, but better late than never. Keep up the amazing work =)


Thank you  for playing! It was splendid watching your playthrough ^^


Ever thought of bringing this over to RPG Maker MV?

Sorry for late response,  most likely not. I prefer to keep this on Ace.

Why's that?

It was made on Ace. I am not sure that would transition well on MV. And that sounds like a lot of work that isn't needed xD

Well I've done this before, got three games on my itch page. They were are VX Ace games. So I can give this a go and see where it takes me. So let me give it a shot, I don't mind doing the work at all ^^

Personally I think I'd like to keep it on Ace though. It runs faster than MV games. But thanks for the offer!

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That was fantastic XD

From the outlandish dialogue... to the uselessly weak special abilities... to items that I don't even think any character could use... to foreshadowing that goes nowhere... to plot twists that come out of nowhere...

...this is high art.

I cracked up quite a bit while playing it. XD


Happy you found it funny! Writing this was sheer joy, I wanted to make something outrageous and random, and applause to my voice actors for their speedy work. (sorry for late response haha)


No worries!

I feel like it's cathartic to create outrageous and random stories, I can relate. XD

(I just thought about how you probably won't see I gave your comment a +1, so... here's an also late response! :D)


Hi late response again haha, but again thank you! We have a sequel on the way~