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Moses Reeve is the son of two pirates, the laid back Bobby and the broom-wielding Callie. Lately, he has mysteriously been hearing a voice in his head. Recently, his mother decided to adopt him a brother whom he doesn't get along with. But one day, a mysterious portal opens, dropping off a mysterious, pale-looking cloaked-guy desperately seeking the fragmented heart of his beloved Amina, whose soul energy has been crystalised across the galaxy. Thus, Moses becomes a Crystal Captor for destiny's sake, reluctantly allowing his adopted brother to tag along to aid him whose been enticed by the reward money. What epic adventure shall ensue on this quest to save some girl they don't know for some mysterious guy who appeared out of nowhere.  


- GORGEOUS mapping, utilising only the default tilesets of the RPG Maker VX Ace engine! 

- Be utterly DAZZLED by the sheer depth of the characters!

- Fantastic and well-balanced story pacing, nothing feels awkward or rushed or whatever... nope

- Such an original plot totally not ripping-off elements of much better series

- Super challenging boss fights and random encounters that you must use all of your skillz to defeat!

- Brilliant mind-numbing plot twists that will break your heart and quite possibly your brain

- Voice acted event scenes, because we can! And nope, you can't skip them~

- Spacebar (or Enter) whatever you see, because it might harbour a secret item or at least some dialogue with important choices!

- A truly reflective cover art to display the great wonder of this masterpiece... totally not an epic-cover-to-entice-you-to-play-this-crap scheme, right?


Feast your eyes upon this DAZZLING spectacle that is sure to steal the audience's breath away. Certainly award-winning material that will certainly be nominated and win its nominations.  This story is sure to go down in history... someday, future RPGs will be rip-offs of us!

"So Bad, It's Good!" jam entry. Need I say more?


NOTE: Low audio, be sure to turn it up!

CONTROLS: Arrows Keys to walk around, Enter to confirm choices and interact with people and things. Spacebar can also be used to interact with people and things. Esc. to access the Game Menu (can only be done outside of running events). Alt+Enter puts the game in fullscreen.

Let us know what you thought of our first RPG Maker game in this anon Google Docs survey!


ASSETS: Inkhana (the beautiful cover art), Doodled (5 original musics), Alcaknight (free to use end song), Mint Chocolate (a couple sprites/facesets), Division Heaven (one faceset/battler),  freesound.org for a couple ambience, HimeWorks Battle Music script, EVERYTHING ELSE IS DEFAULT RTP.


VOICES: Gohda, Maisy McDonald, Zeniey, Justin Seva, Trina Deuhart, Rebecca "Froodals" Everson, Searchlights, Kokoro Hane, Doodled, Wendillon. 

This game was written, mapped, evented, and recorded in 1 week~ It's Tofu Sheets Visual's FIRST RPG Maker game (Ace engine). Thanks to my team as always for being so speedy with helping me with this jam entry! We all had loads of fun and hopefully you "enjoy" it too. The game has been tested to function... so it functions... at least that xD

RANKED #1 OUT OF 28 ENTRIES! Our game is part of the end product of the jam, "The Best of The Worst" bundle. It contains the Top 10 ranked games from the jam in a neat little launcher, including 2 browser ones no longer slave to a webpage!  Check it out here; https://nedreid.itch.io/best-of-the-worst


Crystal Captor MCF.exe 241 MB

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Ever thought of bringing this over to RPG Maker MV?

Sorry for late response,  most likely not. I prefer to keep this on Ace.

Why's that?

It was made on Ace. I am not sure that would transition well on MV. And that sounds like a lot of work that isn't needed xD

Well I've done this before, got three games on my itch page. They were are VX Ace games. So I can give this a go and see where it takes me. So let me give it a shot, I don't mind doing the work at all ^^

Personally I think I'd like to keep it on Ace though. It runs faster than MV games. But thanks for the offer!

(1 edit)

That was fantastic XD

From the outlandish dialogue... to the uselessly weak special abilities... to items that I don't even think any character could use... to foreshadowing that goes nowhere... to plot twists that come out of nowhere...

...this is high art.

I cracked up quite a bit while playing it. XD


Happy you found it funny! Writing this was sheer joy, I wanted to make something outrageous and random, and applause to my voice actors for their speedy work. (sorry for late response haha)


No worries!

I feel like it's cathartic to create outrageous and random stories, I can relate. XD

(I just thought about how you probably won't see I gave your comment a +1, so... here's an also late response! :D)


Hi late response again haha, but again thank you! We have a sequel on the way~