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Ah yes, sock man. sock man is best boi. 

Also, I love this game! :)

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I could definitely do without the transphobic "joke" in the library…

Also, the MP spell recovers HP.

Also, the mass heal spell is present but cannot be cast?

Yeaaaa. i downloaded and played this just to see what you were talking about and yeah that was gross and transphobic. 


If there's one thing Mikey likes it's a good old-fashioned RPG! I mean, I like loads of things but that's definitely one of the main ones!

I always appreciate a nice bit of voice acting in games too, and I enjoyed the energy and unique character each VA brought to the game with them.

As for the game itself, it all looks great and plays pretty awesome too. It's a shame (from a personal perspective) that there wasn't more focus on the battles and leveling up, because that's my favourite part of an RPG experience (I'm a huge stats nerd, so leveling up and seeing loads of numbers change is always sadly exciting for me).

That being said, the story itself, along with the self-referential and fourth-wall breaking moments kept everything entertaining and worth sticking with!

Thoroughly enjoyed this little experience (I've not finished it yet, but can't wait to see how it all ends), and looking forward to seeing what's coming next! Keep up the awesome work Kokoro! =)

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Hello! Thank you so much for playing our game! I enjoyed Part 1 of your LP and look forward to keep watching. Yeah, this game isn't too combat heavy, it's more story driven. Someday I'd like to make one with more battles, but I am happy you are enjoying the story and seem to find it amusing. I am happy you liked the pig latin spells =P

Btw, I also voice the Heroine haha. 

Game has 3 endings, so be sure to save when you return to your Queen's castle so you can easily get all of them ^^


Hooray for shiney things!!! :D 
I love the style and the storylooking forward to more from TofuSheets!


You should, you're in it xD