A downloadable adventure for Windows

NOTE: Currently in the process of updating the game to Version 2 which will fix many errors, add a few things, and FINALLY have all the voice acting. 

From the creators that brought you Crystal Captor: Memory Chronicle Finale and The Only One Girl { First Quarter }comes an "epic" adventure created with RPG Maker MV for the Indie Game Maker 2017 Contest!

"Upon orders of The Queen, a young mechanic named Marvin is sent out on a journey to find the legendary Heroine who will aid his journey in delivering an important scroll to The Other Kingdom, ruled by The Red Headed King. Unfortunately, this "Heroine" is quite the chore to get along with due to her pride and arrogance, delaying their mission. With the help of his Queen's loyal Scholar and a mysterious, gorgeous fairy... will Marvin and his crew successfully complete his mission before they lose their sanity?"

This story-driven RPG features partially voiced event scenes and 3 possible endings! We do hope you enjoy playing our second RPG Maker game as much as we did creating it~

*Special Note: Version 1 only contains cutscenes sprinkled with voice acting rather than fully voiced cutscenes (like our previous RPG) due to unforseen circumstances with some of the voice actors, therefore I had to do this method in order to meet the jam's deadline and still showcase my VAs' hard work . We hope to remedy this with Version 2 at a later date!


JotS Ver1 (Windows).zip 380 MB

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Hooray for shiney things!!! :D 
I love the style and the storylooking forward to more from TofuSheets!


You should, you're in it xD