Voiced build up!

It's finally here!

The game is now as intended, with VOICE ACTING! Due to the game's short length, instead of it just being cutscene voiced, I decided to make it fully voice acted! That includes narration and quests!

I'd like to thank all the amazing voice actors who volunteered for this project! You made this 10x better than its original release!

Nekoto, I hope you enjoy the final update and the life my voice team brought to this game! 

If you find any errors or leveling issues, let me know! Enjoy~


Maze4U (Voiced_w/RTP).exe 246 MB
Jan 20, 2021
Maze4U (Voiced_Without RTP).exe 59 MB
Jan 20, 2021

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My heart melts every time I see this.

The voiced actors NAILED IT!

I loved the Harbinger's, Ron's and the Grand-daughter's VAs! I actually could not stop smiling the whole time I was playing, I think my cheeks grew abs XD. Thanks so much to Tofu Sheets Visual and all the VAs who acted for this game! Honestly I couldn't ask for a better holiday season, and its all thanks to you guys/gals!


You are very welcome! It was a joy to create and the voice overs had a lot of fun as well! Happy that this game has made you happy~

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