A downloadable atrocity for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This was Kokoro Hane's very first completed visual novel ever.... why?

Originally released for Lemmasoft's second annual "Worst VN/KN" challenge in 2013, My Magical Girl Romance follows a guy named Mo whom is randomly approached by a weird redhead named Risa who wishes to tell you a secret. Whether or not you believe this secret will determine YOUR fate!


  • Loud menu music. Please.... please lower your volume in the game's settings before playing. Headphone users have been warned.
  • "Gorgeous" sprites and 4 CGs drawn on MS Paint.
  • All the lines were recorded on a headset, so it randomly changes volumes.
  • A whopping 2 ENDINGS!
  • Purposely a memory hog as all the voice files are .wav
  • 600+ words
  • Unlockable extras

So what are you waiting for? Trail down memory lane, whether you have experienced this work or not, to see where Kokoro Hane "began" her visual novel journey and apparently can't make a "properly bad game" because everyone found this game hilarious so.... the challenge was lost. See why for yourself!


My Magical Girl Romance-1.0-all.zip 69 MB

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