Ranked 33 out of 43! + upcoming updates

Well, the jam has ended, the results are in....

Sadly we did not do as well as last year, BUT! Still had a lot of fun. It was a risk due to the very experimental nature, but despite its flaws and the ranking, I appreciate you all for playing and enjoyed all the comments, which seemed to be generally positive overall! And I will definitely take some criticisms into account if I ever make a game similar to this in the future, so those were very helpful as well~

Highlight of the ranking, though, is we scored #2 in Sound! Definitely the voice acting, I'm sure. Good job to my VA team!

For stat nerds, here's what the full ranking for 1PB is:

With the results announcement out of the way, it's time to talk about what to expect for a post-jam build!


  • Persistent.data script to unlock the Epilogue will be fixed! No more will you need to run any of the previous true ends to unlock the epilogue, it will work as intended when you get all 3 versions!
  • Poster art! The front page will be adorned with the game's too-pretty-for-this-project poster art by the lovely tashaj4de!  The game's thumbnail will also be updated with that art (but the menu remains the same, sorry wahahaha)
  • A SECRET BUTTON will be added to the menu, which will be unlocked after reading the epilogue! You'll get to see all kinds of extra goodies like maybe... character sketches, profiles, dev notes, and ending gallery!
  • Game trailer!


  • Sporadic event CGs! Stick figure art shown at certain scenes. I originally wanted to include this feature but ran out of time, so if I feel like opening MS Paint I might add it to the post-jam edition. Not making any promises, though.
  • Complete control over the RNG, but only after you've suffered the RNG's full power of getting every single ending and game over screen! That's right... as the ultimate completionist award, I *might* implement a brand new setting that can be turned on and off whenever you like... but again, this will only unlock after you've suffered the RNG's full wrath MUAHAHAHA! Tentative feature, so again, no promises.

Oh btw, here's a sample of Tasha's cover art... it just needs to be shaded!

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