A downloadable button for Windows and macOS

A lab coat dude abducts some random people from other worlds to press a button he won't press himself to see what it does. 

Play as either Aisling, MC, or the Yume twins to endure the lab coat's rooms of trial to advance to the one press button room. What will be your fate if you press it?


  • Fully voice acted dialogue to really bring the characters to life!
  • Select your protagonist: will you endure the trials as the reluctant MC, the bratty Lady Aisling, or the inseparable twin dreams?
  • 9 Game Over screens, 3 Escape Routes, 6 Alternate Endings, and 1 True Ending (in 3 versions) 
  • RNG sections to make areas a little unpredictable and out of your control
  • Unlockable epilogue if you manage to get all 3 versions of the True Ending
  • A whopping 5k words in length!

Asset Credits:

Music used by Eric Matyas www.soundimage.org

SFX from freesound.org

How To Save: Simply press the Esc key on your keyboard, the save slots will open up! You are able to save at any time. 

Skipping Already Seen Text: At the bottom of the screen during narrative, you can press "Skip" at any time during your re-playthroughs which will only skip text you've already seen to make replays go faster without skipping bits you hadn't seen yet.


1_Press_Button-1.0-win.zip 39 MB
1_Press_Button-1.0-mac.zip 37 MB

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