Fixes added to the build!

I just uploaded an updated build of Crystal Captor!

What this fixes:

- During the bread quest, if you try to enter the pub you will be turned back rather than nothing happening

- You can now steal the bread without worrying about the game locking up

- Added flour bags to block accessing event where it would lock up

- Said flour bags are events which have a dialogue that shows up upon pressing Enter (all the same though for every bag)

- You now cannot leave until you either buy or steal the bread

- All the tea in Mona's house is an event that brings up dialogue as well as the letter on the table

- One event in Moses' house in the kitchen now functions!

- The event with  the white haired girl at the bucket at the pub in the end of the game now works from left approach

- Final cutscene, Mona's walking path is corrected

- End credits now scroll slightly slower and added missing credits for assets

Thank you for all your support to those who played the game, I hope you enjoy!


Crystal Captor MCF.exe 241 MB
Jul 10, 2017

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