Hey guys! I have a very important announcement about the fate of this project.

We decided to scale it back tremendously. There will be one final update to 1st Quarter, as promised, and will go all the way to Chapter 4 (so a chapter and a half longer than originally promised) to give this build a more complete feel, then that will be it. There may be a couple extras after that, but that will be our last update and then this project will be set to COMPLETE. 

Thank you to all that has supported this projected, for playing it, for anticipating. I hope you will like the new build and all the added scenes and get a more complete version of the story. I will make sure the endings present feel satisfying enough, and I do plan to release some important bonus story as a companion with it. I am sorry it could not become as large as expected, but I will not throw away what has been made of it, so please anticipate. I am excited to show you the final update, which is planned to be released near the end of the year. Most of the original voice cast have confirmed, I am only waiting on one. 

The update will include; more CGs, a special Kinetic mode, more unlockable extras!

EDIT: Btw this is NOT an April Fool's joke either. I have sent scripts to my VAs. I just happened to pick the 1st for resuming development since that is when NaNoRenO ended since I was busy with projects for that xD

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Too bad to hear this but at least you can give it a proper ending and complete it instead of leaving it as a dead project :P I'll be waiting for the final update then :)

Thank you! I am very sorry it cannot be realized as large as it was, but I won't let the effort given to waste and will do my best to show what we have and add to it ^^