A downloadable survival experience

The city was in shambles within mere hours. Once the smoke settled, it already appeared to be an abandoned wreck. You've simply been surviving ever since.

Catching a radio broadcast that rescue is on the way to this helpless city, you spend your remaining days attempting to stay alive until then.


.you're not 100% sure you're actually alone.

You might be. Or maybe not.


13 Days is a post-apocalyptic solo TTRPG about your character trying to survive a little longer until rescue finds its way to you. 


  • A different set of prompts for each in-game day
  • Morning, Noon, and Night cycles
  • An element of danger, with untreated injuries draining your health points if you don't find a medkit!
  • A vague enough setting, allowing you to flesh out what happened and what you're doing there in your very own prologue

All you need to play is a notebook or journal, pen or pencil, a standard pack of playing cards (with jokers), and 2 six-sided dice! (And a printed version of the game guide of course... or read it on your tablet, whatever!)


...do you think you can survive all 13 days?


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This game is really easy to play and I love journaling the adventures. I also use game icons to inspire further story lines. I use the Twilight 2000 character personality guide (using the playing card theme), for establishing personality traits of those who I encounter. This game is endless fun, in fact, I am going beyond 13 days.

I'm happy you're enjoying this game! It's the TTRPG I have put the most effort in making so far! ^^

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Anything on the horizon to expand 13 Days? Are you aware of any forums, people are submitting 13 Days journal entries? Which other TTRPG’s journaling tools do you personally use, to enhance game play?

Hello again! I have thought of making more games with different adventures and genres that use the 13 Days mechanic. As for if there's anything more for 13 Days specifically, as of right now, no. But if I ever get a hit of inspiration, I could try expanding it with more prompts!

I am not aware if any forums are showcasing playthroughs of 13 Days. I know the game was listed on a reddit post of free TTRPGs. but that's about it.

I have not really used other journaling tools to enhance gameplay before, but it's something I'd like to try out!


I am SO excited to try this!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy it!