Collecting fanart for update!

Once September rolls in, I will be back to writing The Only One Girl as well as giving { First Quarter } a final update! Along with that final update, I would LOVE to collect some more fanart for the gallery~ So if you are interested in submitting a fanart to show love for the game, be sure to send your fanarts to kokoro_hane(at) with subject line "O1G Fanart" along with the name you wish to be credited as. Please keep all images appropriate, feel free to draw Sebby with any of the guys you ship her with, official sub-ships (Zack x Marie), group or friendship images, or solos! All fanarts will be designated an unlock flag that corresponds with the subject (for example, if you drew Henry x Sebby, those fanarts will only unlock at any of his pseudo-endings).  I look forward to seeing your amazing fanart to celebrate the short version's update as well as the fact that we've reached 1,000+ downloads (this is also calculating the stats outside of THANKS AGAIN for playing~

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