Fanart collection and a huge THANK YOU!

Hey guys! Before I get into the fanart collection update, I just want to say THANK YOU so much to all who have rated this game, downloaded and played it, and who have submitted their feedback in our anon Google Docs survey. I am overwhelmed with how this game has been received by majority of you, so again, THANK YOU! The survey is still open for those who'd like to take it, a link canbe found on the front page of this game.

Okay, to the point--

I am happy to announce I have received 8 new fanarts since I posted the call for fanart for { First Quarter }'s upcoming update, so you can expect 9 new fanarts added to the fanart gallery (there was 1 made before the fanart call). Of course, there is still PLENTY of time to get your fanart in if you were planning to send. Details on how to do that can be found on the front page of this game~

But again, THANK YOU! I cannot say that enough, the fact you are playing this game and having fun with it--especially the praise for the voice acting--I am just super happy! I feel about ready to BURST as I can't wait to release the minor extended version of { First Quarter } that will contain new scenes at the end and of course, all your wonderful fanart as well as (hopefully) a few event CGs~ I think this update will create a more fuller and satisfying experience that can hold you a little while longer before the full version. 

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