Behold! Our entry for IGMC 2017!

Since someone had kindly gifted me RPG Maker MV from Humble Bundle, I thought to take the opportunity of entering this game jam to learn my way around---so I do apologise if it's a bit messy (it isn't too different from Ace, luckily). Creating this ended up troublesome in the end, and it is certainly not a perfect project (I admit to a couple errors and forgetting to place music on certain maps). I'll have to check if uploading updated versions during the contest is allowed (I saw no rules against it). Anyway, despite, if you've enjoyed any of my other projects--especially my last RPG Maker project--this is right up your ally! I'll be sure to make Ver2 to be the game this was intended to be. but time wasn't on our side and due to some unforseen circumstances coming up in real life, whether for me or my VAs--I mustered what I could to release a functioning project (I was certain to test that the most!). So despite being a bit messy, I do hope you enjoy it for what it is, in fact perhaps you'll find its flaws rather amusing


JotS Ver1 (Windows).zip 380 MB
Nov 06, 2017

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