Tofu Sheets Visual

A beautiful disaster
Visual Novel
"I am at your service, mi'lady."
Visual Novel
"Piece by piece, we'll find it again..."
Visual Novel
The cover should tell you how epic it is!
Role Playing
"My life has become the plot of a cheesy otome!"
Visual Novel
Your entire neighborhood was transported to another world
Interactive Fiction
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RPG Maker Adventures

Games I created using the software RPG Maker (either VX Ace or MV)

Visual Novels [10k+ words and more]

All of my longer visual novels that are no shorter than about 10k words. Maximum word count; sky's the limit!

Wholesome / Inspirational

Short but sweet projects that are inspirational and/or wholesome in some way!

Crack VNs

Literally exists to be stupid and (hopefully) make you laugh!


A list of all my short, experimental projects!

Fandiscs & Expansions

Fandiscs, omake, expansion packs, scenarios, side stories, etc. for any of my existing projects!

Analogs & PbPs

Role-playing games I've made that are not video games! Tabletops and play-by-post adventures!


All my projects that are stuck in demo mode

Works in Progress

Projects suspended in the announced but nothing to show yet phase

Prototypes & Unfinished Business

A treasure trove of ye old games that were previously unreleased, such as prototypes, unfinished snippets, original versions, etc.

Projects I was apart of!

Here are a list of projects that I was apart of in some way! Please check them out ^^


Games by others I am a huge fan of and probably replay more than the devs may ever expect xD

Gifts For Me!!

Games, mapsets, etc. created for me as a gift <3

HeartSong Productions

HeartSong Productions is a line of voicebanks created by me for the free singing synthesizer program, UTAU.